CartoVista unveils CartoVista Cloud at the 2023 FCM Conference in Toronto
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Federation of Canadian Municipalities Trade Show CartoVista 8.1 New Features CartoVista
GATINEAU, Quebec - DelhiScan -- As part of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FME) conference in Toronto, CartoVista is proud to announce the launch of CartoVista Cloud. This revolutionary new Story Mapping presentation tool streamlines data visualization and analysis for elected officials, aiding in decision-making, efficient planning and communications.

One of the most valuable assets that every city owns is its data. Translating all that data into insights to forecast, respond, and plan can be complex. CartoVista Cloud 8.1 simplifies the creation of Story Maps for elected officials teams to provide transparency and easy access to municipal information, making Story Maps indispensable for strategic planning.

"Our council has to plan the development of the municipality for the next 40 years. We needed to innovate and get set up with the best possible tools to make strategic decisions. CartoVista interactive maps were extremely effective to discuss issues and opportunities online as a team," said François Sylvestre, Municipal Councillor, District 6 of Val-des-Monts.

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Key features of CartoVista Cloud 8.1 include:
  • Collaboration and Communication: Foster collaboration among key municipal stakeholders and the public by facilitating the sharing of interactive maps and analyses, promoting effective communication and consensus-building for impactful decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate information and multimedia from multiple sources into a unified platform, allowing councillors to input their own data and have proper insights at their fingertips.
  • Customizable Data Visualizations: Create interactive, visually engaging maps that vividly represent their city's characteristics, including demographics, infrastructure and land usage, helping everyone gain a deeper understanding of their community and key priorities.
  • Data-driven Insights: Leverage advanced analytics and interactive reports to unlock valuable insights from their municipalities' geographic data, enabling evidence-based decision-making and policy formulation.
  • Web Outreach:  The ability to reach different audiences, internally or externally with maps that successfully promote the city
"We are very excited to see that web maps are no longer only accessible to technical people," said Dany Bouchard, CEO/Founder of CartoVista.  "City Councilors like our software because it is simple to use.  Anyone can integrate data while creating and sharing meaningful presentations and stories."

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on data-driven decision-making, CartoVista Cloud 8.1 emerges as a transformative solution that bridges the gap between elected officials and their respective challenges. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and ability to simplify data analysis and visualization, CartoVista Cloud 8.1 sets a new standard for strategic planning, collaboration, and effective communication in municipal government.

To experience the power of CartoVista Cloud 8.1 and learn how it can reshape the way you interact with data, visit our website at Visit CartoVista at the FCM trade show, booth 110 in the Toronto Metro Convention Center.

Dany Bouchard
President and CEO

Source: CartoVista

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